R. A. Burch Construction is committed to building in the most sustainable way possible given the project constraints, and to create the highest quality sustainable environment at the lowest cost. Using our sustainable design process, we look at those elements that would result in better functionality and a higher quality environment, such as durability of materials and thermal comfort, and weigh the benefits against the initial investment and life cycle cost so you can make informed long-term decisions.

US Green Building Council member

LEED Expertise

We have years of experience applying sustainable design and construction techniques, and our team includes several LEED accredited professionals. Our experience in applying LEED objectives to high-profile military projects has developed our ability to achieve significant energy savings, improved indoor environments, and minimal environmental impacts through means compatible with the mission of our Armed Forces and its limited construction and maintenance budgets.

Our design tactics have included:

  • Solar photovoltaic power generation for lighting systems
  • LED light fixtures
  • High efficiency lighting, automatic day lighting and programmable lighting
  • Grey water systems
  • Multi-crystal glass module solar panels
  • Shade design for energy savings
  • Simultaneous cooling and heating of zones from a centralized system
  • Asbestos removal

Life Cycle Approach for Greener Buildings and Reduced Costs

We put maximum effort into reducing total ownership costs for our clients by focusing on innovative green building techniques and applying our whole building life cycle approach.

The extended life cycles of government buildings magnifies the importance of reducing their operating and maintenance costs. To address this reality, we incorporate long-term financial cost scenarios into our budgeting process so our clients can make informed decisions. We provide accurate estimates by using a team approach to design rather than an architect-led approach. This brings together sustainability related disciplines and ensures that the best solutions will drive the design rather than the design driving the solutions. The positive impact is both financial and environmental.

"I wanted to take the opportunity to commend you and your company. Because of R. A. Burch's commitment and efforts to divert materials away from the landfill, your company has achieved the highest diversion rate (99%) of any major demolition work conducted by the Navy in the San Diego region."

- Director of Integrated Solid Waste Mgmt Program
Southwest Division, US Navy