Our Mission

We are a company built on shared values. These values—held by our company leaders, employees and trusted business partners—include safety, integrity, service, innovation and excellence. Although our record for upholding these values has been impeccable for nearly a quarter of a century, we understand that we are only as good as our last project. So we strive to build the next project even better than the last, and we are keenly aware that the most important thing we build at R.A. Burch Construction is our reputation.

Principal Participation

The principal members of our firm lead by example—demonstrating genuine interest and direct involvement in every project we undertake. This type of leadership sets the example for others to follow. It creates a company culture that places clients squarely at the center of our efforts. And it leads to long-lasting client relationships built on open communication, comfort and trust.

Integrity Comes Easy

Through most of our projects, we have been fortunate to serve the needs of the men and women in the Armed Forces, particularly those in the Navy and Marine Corps. This exciting dynamic makes operating our business with high integrity easy: we simply emulate the integrity of our clients. We are extremely proud of our relationship with the world’s elite fighting forces and our small contribution to the success of those who sacrifice so much to keep our nation free.